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Warner’s Pond, a wildlife habitat and community resource for generations, is in an advanced state of eutrophication which has resulted in a number of undesirable conditions including decreased water depths, widespread growths of aquatic invasive plants, and impaired recreational opportunities. The Natural Resources Division hosted two community meetings this spring to provide information and gather feedback on alternatives to restore the ecological health and recreational opportunities of the Warner's Pond system. The Division has also had an Alternatives Analysis Report developed to evaluate modified dredging, dam removal, and no action. This report recommends dam removal as the Preferred Alternative, and the Division is advancing 30 percent design plans for dam removal, evaluating other alternatives, and continuing community outreach and engagement.

November 2023 Update: Based on community feedback, the Natural Resources Commission is establishing a Warner's Pond Task Force to review alternatives and recommend a course of action. The approved Task Force charge can be viewed here.

Prior Meetings

The 11/8/2023 recording will be uploaded once available. To see a copy of the slide deck presented at this meeting, click here.

The 5/23/23 recording can be viewed by clicking here. To see a copy of the slide deck presented at the meeting, click here

The 3/2/23 recording can be viewed by clicking here. To see a copy of the slide deck presented at the meeting, click here. 


Assabet River Bluff

Conservation and housing interests working together preserved 7 acres of land for community housing and conservation purposes. One acre of land has been reserved for affordable housing, with five dwelling units planned, and 6 acres has been permanently protected for conservation and passive recreation purposes. The 7‑acre purchase was a successful partnership between the Concord Land Conservation Trust, Sudbury Valley Trustees, Concord Housing Development Corporation, Concord Municipal Affordable Housing, the Concord Housing Foundation, and the generous support of the neighborhood.

The lovely 6-acre Assabet River Bluff is just a short walk from the heart of West Concord along the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, and provides stunning views of the Assabet River atop the bluff.  With its generally level terrain, the riverine woodland parcel offers tremendous opportunities for an All Persons Trail. The Natural Resources Division, together with CLCT and SVT, hosted a community meeting led by Jennifer Brooke to obtain feedback on the trail location, surfacing, trail amenities, and ideas for handicap parking. A copy of the presentation can be viewed by clicking here

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Mission Statement: The mission of the Natural Resources Division is to protect and enhance the natural resources in Town, including wetlands, ponds, streams, riparian corridors, open space, and farmland, and to provide environmental outreach and education to Concord residents.
The Natural Resources Division assists the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) in conserving and protecting natural resources of the Town.

This responsibility includes administering and enforcing the state Wetlands and Rivers Protection Acts and Concord Wetlands Bylaw, updating and implementing the Open Space and Recreation Plan, reviewing and monitoring Conservation Restrictions and Agricultural Preservation Restrictions, coordinating land acquisition and protection efforts with various boards, committees, and organizations, providing stewardship over more than 1,500 acres of conservation land, developing and maintaining agricultural agreements, and developing and supporting community gardens on Town lands.