Why are recreational fields exempt from the restrictions?
Properly maintained recreation fields have been determined to be important and valued community assets. These areas are often too large to be effectively irrigated within the allowable sprinkling times. Playing fields grown on a sand base can die if not watered. Due to the high replacement costs of playing fields and large irrigated grass areas, the Town believes it is fiscally irresponsible to harm these assets due to lack of watering. Irrigation via the public water supply will be greatly reduced and often stopped completely at parks, schools and municipal properties during a Lawn Watering Ban, and will be stopped completely during a Water Use Emergency. With that said, all fields must be constructed and maintained at an acceptable level to allow the safe use of sports teams.

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1. How does the Town determine the level of Water Use Restriction?
2. What authority does the Town have to implement Water Use Restrictions?
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21. Why are recreational fields exempt from the restrictions?
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