How complicated is installing a ground-source heat pump and how much time will it take?

A ground-source installation will typically take 2-3 months to complete from when you sign a contract. This includes:

  • Rebate pre-approval (1-3 weeks). Your installer will submit your application to the Concord Municipal Light Plant (CMLP) for rebate pre-approval prior to commencing work.
  • Equipment ordering (1-2 weeks). Once the rebate is approved, your installer will order the equipment for your home.
  • Drilling/excavation, installation, and commissioning (4-5 weeks). Over this period of time, your installer will drill/excavate and install your system. After the installation is complete, the installer will commission your system and educate you on how to use your new ground-source system.
  • Inspections (~2 weeks). This will depend on when tradespeople schedule the inspections and when inspectors are available to come out to your home.

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