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In addition to the requirements for all heat pump projects:

-- new heat pumps sized to meet less than 90% of the total home heating load at the outdoor design temperature, per ACCA Manual J Design Conditions, are eligible for partial home heat pump rebates if they are supplementing or replacing oil, propane, electric resistance, ETS or existing heat pumps, or if they are replacing natural gas as a secondary source of heating. 

integrated controls must be installed in homes with oil or propane backup to qualify for rebates on partial-home air-source or air-to-water heat pumps. Integrated controls are not required if the backup heating system is heat pumps, electric resistance or ETS. Integrated controls are not required for partial-home ground-source heat pumps. 

- integrated controls must be set at or below these maximum switchover temperatures:

Pre-Existing Heating FuelMaximum Switch-Over Temperature

- A heat pump sized for whole home AC, but inadequate for whole home heating is eligible for a partial-home heat pump rebate. Integrated controls are required for air-source or air-to-water heat pumps, and installers must design the system to be able to meet the home's heating needs at the defined maximum switch-over temperature above, so that the new heat pump system is heating-ready.

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