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All projects must go through a post-installation quality assurance process overseen by Abode Energy Management to qualify for a rebate. Once the installation is complete, your installer must submit Abode's Quality Assurance (QA) Form, found at the following links for air-source or ground-source heat pumps. The form requires photos of all exterior and interior units, outlines installation best practices and requests that the installer confirm that best practices were followed. Abode Energy Management will review the completed form, follow up with the installer regarding any deficiencies, conduct an on-site inspection if necessary, and notify CMLP when the quality assurance process is complete.

Town of Concord Building Department Permits and Inspections

In addition, the project's electrician must obtain a Town electrical permit and schedule an electrical inspection. CMLP will not award rebates until projects have passed electrical inspection by Concord's Building Department. If sheet metal duct work beyond minor repairs is also part of your installation, your  installer must also obtain a sheet metal permit. Contact information and hours for the Building Department are here

Getting an Electrical Permit

The permit should be obtained before work begins. Concord has online permitting, so the electrician does not have to go into the Building Department office in person to obtain a permit. The electrician can upload their liability insurance certificate and license and can pay online. 

Getting an Electrical Inspection

Electrical inspections are done on weekdays and can usually be completed within 5 to 7 days of the request. The homeowner cannot schedule the inspection. The electrician schedules it by calling the Electrical Inspector at 978-318-3235 between 7am and 9am Monday through Friday with the permit number and the desired inspection date and time. Messages left for the Electrical Inspector after 9am will be returned the next morning. An adult (who does not need to be the electrician – a homeowner, family member, or builder is fine) needs to be there to let the inspector into the house. The inspector knows what to look for once he is in the house and can phone the electrician if there is a question about the project while he’s on site.

The electrical inspector notifies CMLP of all approved electrical inspections on the next business day.

Sheet Metal Permits and Inspections

Sheet metal permits and inspections are required whenever duct work beyond minor repairs are part of an ASHP installation, such as installing new ducts or re-routing existing ducts. The process for getting permits follows the same process outlined above. The sheet metal contractor or the homeowner may call the Building Dept. to schedule sheet metal inspections at (978) 318-3280.

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