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There are two incentive categories that make up CMLP’s rebate. The Charging Equipment Incentive helps pay for the hardware. The Installation Incentive helps pay for the labor needed to install the hardware. Each incentive type has a dollar limit. The sum of payments under the two incentives make up the total rebate amount.

The rebate amount differs based on who will be allowed to use the charging station(s.) Public charging stations are for use by the general public. Examples include commercial parking areas that may be used by restaurant or retail store customers. To be eligible for the public charging station rebate, stations must be accessible to the general public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Private charging stations are for use by employees, residents, customers, students, or for charging fleet vehicles. Examples include charging stations at commercially owned employee parking spaces, at parking spaces for residents of multi-dwelling unit properties, or charging stations for hotel guests or commercial fleet vehicles. These stations may or may not be publicly accessible, according to the owner’s discretion. For example, a commercial property owner may install charging primarily for use by its commercial tenants, and also may decide that on certain days or during certain hours, the station is also accessible to the public. This can help ensure the station gets increased usage while still allowing the station owner to retain control over the accessibility of the station in a way that best serves their needs.

Rebate Amount for Charging Stations
Incentive TypePublic Charging StationsPrivate Charging Stations
Charging Equipment Incentive
The charging station must be Level 2 (208 to 240 volt), dual port (or two single port), 13 amp or above per port, commercial-grade and be Network Enabled** The incentive covers the EVSE console, cable and connector, cable management, mounting (either pedestal or wall), separate payment module and shipping/freight.
Up to $3,000Up to $2,250
Installation Incentive
Includes electrical make ready and branch wiring; labor to bring station to code; electrical materials: conduit / fittings / wire / electrical equipment; site work; signage and painting. 
Up to $3,000Up to $2,250

**Network Enabled means the charging station has the capability to connect to the Internet and/or private network and be able to transmit and receive information.

The CMLP awarded sum, combined with the MassEVIP grant, must not exceed the total eligible project costs. The CMLP award will equal the lesser of the following two amounts:

  • eligible charging equipment costs up to $3,000 per public station/$2,250 per private station plus eligible installation costs up to $3,000 per public station/$2,250 per private station, or
  • the total eligible project cost less the MassEVIP grant amount.

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