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In order to be eligible for a rebate, you must request rebate pre-approval and receive an award letter from CMLP prior to installation.

Step 1:  We strongly suggest that you work with our Commercial EV Program Specialists to develop site-specific, best practice plans for charging station usage policies and fees. They can also help you develop electrical service and charging station hardware and software options that can be used in soliciting quotes from electricians.*  The EV Specialist will provide you with a 1-page recommendations report. Request a consultation with a Commercial EV Program Specialist here or by calling 833-443-8363. The EV Specialist Service is funded by CMLP, is offered at no cost to you, and provides objective advice that is technology agnostic and brand neutral.  

*Electricians wishing to consult with CMLP regarding the point of utility connection and/or meter location for the charging station should contact CMLP’s Engineering Division at or 978-318-3116. The electrician should provide the charging station specifications to CMLP Engineering at that time. 

Step 2: Assemble the following information and materials to be ready to complete the rebate pre-approval request. 

  • an itemized project cost proposal. Note that if charging equipment costs and installation costs are not itemized separately on the proposal, the rebate amount that CMLP pre-approves for the project may be reduced by up to 50%.
  • the charging station specifications
  • details of the proposed pricing and usage policy for the charging station
  • a signed Commercial Charging Station Data Release Authorization.

Step 3: Click the button below to request rebate pre-approval.

Pre-Approval Request Form Button

Step 4: Upon review of the pre-approval request, CMLP will either:

  • issue an award letter stating the rebate amount that has been reserved for the project.
  • notify the applicant of modifications that CMLP will require before pre-approving a rebate. If modifications are required, applicants have the option of adopting the changes and re-submitting a pre-approval request.

Step 5: Proceed with the charging station installation once you have received a rebate award letter from CMLP.

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