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What does it cost to install a typical commercial-grade, Network Enabled dual port Level 2 charging station?
The cost to install a charging station can vary considerably depending on a customer’s site layout and existing electrical infrastructure. Here is a sample cost, for demonstration purposes only, of installing a pedestal mounted, dual port Level 2 charging station (~7 kW x 2) with typically preferred site work, software and support:  

Itemized Estimate Example*
Net Project Cost Example
Comm Charging Station Itemized Estimate Example 2022

Comm Charging Station Itemized Estimate Example Sales Tax Total Balance Due 2022

** Rebate amounts are less than $3,000 because CMLP + MassEVIP rebates cannot exceed total eligible costs.

 *Estimate for demonstration purposes only; project costs vary from site to site

Do I apply for the MassEVIP or CMLP rebate first? 
 CMLP recommends that customers apply for CMLP’s rebate first, so that they can report the most accurate CMLP rebate amount to MassEVIP. Customers may apply for CMLP’s rebate and the MassEVIP grant simultaneously. All applicants risk a possible reduction of CMLP’s rebate amount upon reconciliation to ensure that the awarded sum, combined with the MassEVIP grant, does not exceed the total eligible project cost. 

I’m a small commercial customer who doesn’t need and can’t afford a commercial grade charging station. Can I get a rebate for installing a residential grade charging station on my commercial property?
Contact the Commercial EV Program Specialist Service here or by calling 833-443-8363 to discuss your project to see what incentives it may qualify for.

Why is the rebate lower for private charging stations versus public charging stations?
 The rebate offered is lower for private stations because the owner can exclude the public from using the station, thereby offering less overall benefit. MassEVIP provides a 60% rebate for private stations instead of 80%, which is a 25% reduction. CMLP follows suit by reducing its public charging rebate amount by 25% (i.e. the private station rebate is 75% of the public station rate.)

If the charging station owner determines what to charge users of the charging stations, why must CMLP approve the owner’s pricing policy, usage accessibility and compliance enforcement plan? 
 The purpose of agreed-upon pricing and usage policies is to minimize peak demand, thus keeping costs down for charging station owners and users. The purpose of collecting data is to conduct research on collective EV charging patterns and their effect on the CMLP distribution system. By studying this information and incentivizing certain pricing policies for charging, CMLP seeks to refine the G-4 General Service - Electric Vehicle Charging demand fee and volumetric rates, avoid adverse economic impacts during New England peak period events, prevent overloading and damage to CMLP’s distribution equipment during local peaks while capturing the benefits that increasing EV charging and usage offers. 

If my rebate is more than $750 and I prefer to receive a check from the Town rather than a credit on my electric bill, how do I request a check?
The Commercial EV Charging Rebate Payment Request Form provides an option to request a check. Note that commercial customers requesting a check must upload a copy of their company’s IRS W-9 form with their rebate payment request, and will get a 1099 from Town for the relevant tax year if required by tax code. If a customer’s account is not in good standing, CMLP reserves the right to provide a rebate fully or partially as a bill credit rather than as a check.

How does the G-4 General Service Electric Charging Tariff compare to what I’m paying for electricity for other uses? 

The rate you pay for electricity for non-charging uses depends on whether you are a Small, Medium or Large General Service customer. The table below displays the rates for each of those categories, as well as for the General Service Electric Vehicle Charging Rate. Look for the meter charge on your electric bill if you are unsure which rate category applies to you for uses other than vehicle charging.

GS Rate Table

We are not sure what EV charging station equipment options are available that would meet our needs. Can CMLP advise us?
Yes, CMLP’s EV Specialist Team can help you evaluate your EV charging station equipment needs, installation and administrative challenges, understand product options, and understand the steps to procure equipment and installation services. The EV Specialist Team is funded by CMLP, is offered at no cost to you, and provides objective advice that is technology agnostic and brand neutral. You can reach our EV Specialists by requesting a consultation here or by calling 833-443-8363.

Whom can I contact if I have questions about the Commercial EV Charging Station Rebate Program?
Contact Jan Aceti, CMLP’s Energy Efficiency & Electrification Coordinator, at or 978-318-3151.

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