NMI-Starmet Re-use Planning Committee

The property at 2229 Main Street is a 46-acre site once operated by the defense contractor Starmet, formerly Nuclear Metals, Inc. (NMI). The company made depleted uranium products for the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as other specialty metal products. Manufacturing operations resulted in soil and water contamination on the property. The site was placed on the U.S. EPA’s national priorities list in 2001 and is now a Superfund site. Significant progress has been made toward clean-up of the site, including the removal of contaminated soil from the holding basin and removal of the buildings and contents that were contaminated. The work that now remains is cleaning up contaminated soil and groundwater. This will require the responsible parties to sign a consent decree to fund the final remediation. In 2015, Concord Town Meeting voted to authorize the Select Board to acquire the property. It appears the consent decree could be finalized in the fall of 2018. The next phase of clean-up is expected to take four to six years. Therefore the timing is right for the town to consider how the property might best be re-used following the remediation.

The purpose of the Nuclear Metals/Starmet Property Re-use Planning Committee is to assist the town with identifying possible ways to reuse the property at 2229 Main Street for maximum public benefit.

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